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John Norman's Gor Book Series

cover Tarnsman of Gor
Tarl Cabot has always believed himself to be a citizen of earth. He has no inkling that his destiny is far greater than the small planet he has inhabited for the first twenty-odd years of his life. One frosty winter night in the New England woods, he finds himself transported to the planet of Gor, also known as Counter-Earth, where everything is dramatically different from anything he has ever experienced.
cover Outlaw of Gor
In this second volume of the Gorean Series, Tarl Cabot finds himself transported back to Counter-Earth from the sedate life he has known as a history professor on Earth. He is glad to be back in his role as a dominant warrior and back in the arms of his true love.
cover Priest-Kings of Gor
This is the third installment of John Norman's popular and controversial Gor series. Tarl Cabot is the intrepid tarnsman of the planet Gor, a harsh society with a rigid caste system that personifies the most brutal form of Social Darwinism. In this volume, Tarl must search for the truth behind the disappearance of his beautiful wife, Talena.
cover Nomads of Gor
Join celebrated tarnsman Tarl Cabot in his latest adventure on the parallel planet of Gor and its exotic lifestyle and social norms. Tarl has dedicated his life to ensuring that the Priest-Kings survive the harsh lands of Gor, but a savage tribe that closely guards its secrets has halted his quest.
cover Assassin of Gor
In the fifth book in the Gorean Series, the deadly assassin Kuurus is intent on a bloody mission of vengeance. His adventure takes him from the caste of the pleasure-slaves, which are rigorously trained in the rules and techniques of sexual ecstasy, to the brutal arenas where humans participate in deadly hand-to-hand combat.
cover Raiders of Gor
In this sixth book in the Gorean series, former earthman Tarl Cabot finds himself in the most depraved city that Gor has to offer. Port Kar is a city of robbers, brigands and men without allegiance to any cause or kingdom where the weak are quickly consumed by the strong.
cover Gor #07: Captive of Gor
In this seventh book in the Gorean Series, beautiful and headstrong Elinor Brinton of Earth finds herself thrust into the savage world of Counter-Earth, also known as Gor. Brinton must relinquish her earthly position as a beautiful, wealthy and powerful woman when she finds herself a part of the harsh Gorean society.
cover Hunters of Gor (Tarl Cabot Saga Book, No 8)
Former Earthman Tarl Cabot is now a powerful Tarnsman of the brutal and caste-bound planet of Gor, also known as Counter-Earth. He embarks on an adventure in the dangerous and mysterious wilderness of Gor, pitting his warrior?s skills against treacherous outlaws, bandits and fighters.
cover Marauders of Gor
Former earthman Tarl Cabot has been struggling to free himself from the cruel control of the Priest-Kings of Gor to no avail. As he pits his strength against such a formidable enemy, a terrible beast appears from the mysterious northern lands, bearing a token of the demise of Tarl's once-beloved woman Talena.
cover Tribesmen of Gor
In this tenth volume of John Norman?s Gor series, Tarl Cabot must prove his final loyalty to the harsh and caste-bound planet known as counter-earth. "Surrender Gor," reads a message sent from the Others, a mysterious people from the worlds of steel. Either the proud rulers of Gor submit or be destroyed
cover Slave Girl of Gor
Judy Thornton of Earth, is found wandering in the wildnerness and is captured and enslaved. As we follow her training as a slave girl we also learn that she is carrying a secret message that has grave implications for the future of Gor.
cover Beasts of Gor
cover Explorers of Gor
Fighting Slave Fighting Slave of Gor
Emotionally lost, Jason Marshall finds himself thrust into a lengthy struggle to save his beloved from slavery on an Earthlike world called Gor. Kidnapped and helpless, Jason begins a life on Gor as a slave and becomes a prominent warrior. He must battle his way to freedom, if only to liberate his love from the clutches of the alien slave emporium. Will Jason overcome the numerous obstacles he encounters? Will he ever reunite with the girl he loves?
Rogue of Gor Rogue of Gor
Rogue of Gor is the 2nd volume in the Jason Marshall trilogy. This one finds him searching for his long lost love, Miss Beverly Henderson. The trail leads him to Victoria, a town on the Vosk river preyed upon by pirates, where he buys her off of a slaver's block and sets her free despite her protestations that she is a true slave and does not want to be freed.
Guardsman Guardsman of Gor
Thrust into a life full of woeful twists and turns, Jason Marshall has contended with the prehistoric customs and immeasurable power of the Goreans. His struggles on Gor, a planet resembling Earth, included escaping imprisonment, enslavement, and redeeming lost land. Jason has fought to regain control of his life. Having ascended to a position of power in the Gorean army, Jason must prevail in a battle that seems destined to destroy Gor.
Savages of Gor Savages of Gor
In this particular tale our hero goes to the land of the Red Savages. A section of Gor totally closed to whitemen, with the exception of a handful of traders. Experience the redman's heritage first hand, and you will come to understand what the term, "noble indian" really means. As usual John Norman does an excellent job with the detail and the characters. If you enjoy his writing style then this is a couple of books you'll definetly not want to hurry through. thanks
Blood Brothers Blood Brothers of Gor
This book finishes up the saga of Tarl Cabot amongst the Red Savages. *note* it is strongly recommended that "Savages of Gor" be read before "Blood Brothers". This tale starts with our hero deep in the Barrens, lands of the Red Savages and once again John Norman does a wonderful job of setting the local and discribing the participants. Like in "Savages" I'm struck by the majesty and pride inherent in the characters. Events unfold, this time to a climatic conclusion, and it's only through the presence of Tarl Cabot, who plays a pivital role, that matters turn out the way they do. On a par with "Nomads", "Raiders" and "Hunters"
Kajira of Gor Kajira of Gor
This has the delicious forced submission of Judy Thornton to her former rival, Elicia Nevins, who makes Judy her abject slave. Turn about is fair play when Elicia is forced to submit as well.
Players of Gor Players of Gor
Kurii are at work behind the scenes and Tarl joins a troupe of players to travel more easily about the countryside in search of what they are up to.
Mercenaries of Gor Mercenaries of Gor
War on Gor is a rousing and fearful affair---and when the armada of Cos landed and began its sweeping arch against the mighty city of Ar, Tarl Cabot was swept up in their drive. Outcast from Port Kar, rejected by the Priest Kings, Tarl fought now for his own redemption. With comrades at his side, barbarian warriors and daring women, free and slave, his plans went forward---until the mercenaries of Dietrich of Tarnburg disrupted the struggle as a mysterious third force. MERCENARIES OF GOR brings into action all the magic and conflict of that counter-Earth, as Tarl became the center of intrigue and treachery in the city of his greatest enemies.
Dancer of Gor Dancer of Gor
Doreen Williamson appeared to be a quiet shy librarian, but in the dark of the library, after hours, she would practice, semi-nude, her secret studies in belly-dancing. Until, one fateful night, the slavers from Gor kidnapped her. On that barbarically splended counter-Earth, Doreen drew a high price as a dancer in taverns, in slave collar and ankle bells.
Renegades of Gor Renegades of Gor
Tarl Cabot is outcast by the Priest Kings and drawn into the growing conflict between Cos and Ar. He may be the deciding factor in the important conflict at Ar's river port.
Vagabonds of Gor Vagabonds of Gor
As treachery and betrayal become the prime weapons in the warbetween Ar and Cos, Tarl Cabot is trapped in the siege of Ar'sStation. ... In Vagabonds Of Gor, Tarl Cabot faces perhaps his greatest challenge of all, as he is caught up in the myriad dangers and intrigue of two mighty powers at war!
Magicians of Gor Magicians of Gor
With the capital city of Ar under the sway of the beautifultraitress Talena, a ruler placed in power by the Cosian invaders, TarlCabot and the Delta Brigade, the members of the underground force sworn to defeat Cos, must call upon the unique talents of master magician Boots Tarsk-Bit to recapture the precious Home Stone of vanquished Ar's Station. .... In MAGICIANS OF GOR, Tarl Cabot and his allies must work a unique magic with illusions and swordblades to root out the treachery at the heart of a mighty empire. Must read for Gorean enthusiasts!
Witness of Gor Witness of Gor
Deep within the cells of Treve, a glorious and mysterious city at the center of Gor's struggle for supremacy, awakens a nameless slave girl who will witness events about which others will only dare to whisper. Witness of Gor takes us on a whirlwind ride from political plots to tarn raids, epic love stories to relentless Assassins, our witness experiences all the beauty, spender, mystery, brutality, honor and intrigue of the awesome world of Gor.