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A collection of the more explicit mainstream films with erotic scenes and plots.
cover Crash
Adapted from the controversial novel by J.G. Ballard, Crash will either repel or amaze you, with little or no room for a neutral reaction. The film is perfectly matched to the artistic and intellectual proclivities of director David Cronenberg, who has used the inspiration of Ballard's novel to create what critic Roger Ebert has described as "a dissection of the mechanics of pornography." Filmed with a metallic color scheme and a dominant tone of emotional detachment, the story focuses on a close-knit group of people who have developed a sexual fetish around the collision of automobiles. They use cars as a tool of arousal, in which orgasm is directly connected to death-defying temptations of fate at high speeds. Ballard wrote his book to illustrate the connections between sex and technology--the ultimate postmodern melding of flesh and machine--and Cronenberg takes this theme to the final frontier of sexual expression.
cover In The Realm Of The Senses
The story of an ex-prostitute who becomes involved with the master of her household, In the Realm of the Senses is one of the most erotic and powerful movies ever made, a document of a powerfully obsessive sexual relationship. Especially near the end, it is a violent movie; be warned. (1976, 104 min.)
cover In The Realm of Passion
The sequel to In the Realm of the Senses, and a very powerful movie in its own right
cover Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love
A gorgeous, intensely erotic art movie set in 16th century India. Visually stunning, almost overwhelming, full of beautiful performers in beautiful costumes in beautiful settings. The costumes are especially enticing; the colors are rich and lush and brilliant, and they're designed to frame and flatter the bodies, revealing enough to arouse while concealing enough to retain some seduction and mystery. The actors are a delight to look at, with luscious graceful bodies and striking, expressive, impossible-to-forget faces. And many of the erotic scenes are highly inventive and arousing, surpassing many explicit porn movies by a mile. (We especially like the scenes in the courtesans' training school.) The plot is a bit silly and on the soap-operatic side, but compared to most mainstream porn movies, it's Citizen Kane. From Mira Nair, director of Mississippi Masala and Salaam Bombay. (1996, 114 min.)
cover Last Tango in Paris
Bertolucci's landmark erotic art film. A man and a woman meet in an empty apartment and carry on a torrid, perverse and completely anonymous affair. This is not a standard explicit porn film (no insertion shots), but it is both intensely erotic and a genuinely brilliant movie. (Yes, this is the X-rated version.) DVD only. (1972, 2-1/4 hrs.)
cover The Pillow Book
The story of a young Japanese woman and her sexual obsession with calligraphy and writing, The Pillow Book is a hypnotic, stimulating, occasionally disturbing and thoroughly gorgeous whirlpool bath in images of eroticism, art, literature, and elegant, carefully refined sensual pleasure. Although it's not graphic in the standard porno sense, it is filled with exquisitely sensual sex scenes, mostly focusing on lovers writing beautiful words on one another's bodies. There is a certain amount of disturbing and violent imagery in the movie, so don't say we didn't warn you. Directed by Peter Greenaway. (1996, 126 min.)
cover Romance
Possibly the most sexually explicit movie to hit the art-house circuit (although not as explicit as standard porn), Romance received a tremendous amount of critical acclaim when it was released, and made several film critics' Top Ten list for 1999. An intensely sexual woman is in an unhappy relationship with a man who refuses to have sex with her, and begins an exploration of casual, anonymous, sometimes kinky sex. Complex, intelligent, and sometimes disturbing, Romance takes sex seriously, acknowledging it as a powerful and legitimate part of life and giving it a respect rarely seen in mainstream or even art-house films. This is also porn star Rocco Siffredi's first foray into more-or-less mainstream film, and we hope it's not his last -- he proves himself to be a talented actor with a definite screen presence. This reviewer wasn't personally all that crazy about the movie (too much existential ennui for her taste); but then, she almost never likes French cinema, and lots of people she likes and respects thought it was brilliant.
cover Secretary
Passionate, edgy, often funny and sexy, this film was an excellent mainstream introduction to the concept of topping from the bottom and embracing your Dominant or Submissive nature. While there was none of the old in-out you'll find in most of our movies, the spanking scenes were dripping hot. Beautifully shot on amazing sets with charming and smart dialog. (2002, 111 min.)
cover The Vagina Monologues
Ensler interviewed hundreds of women about their vaginas, and wove their extremely personal stories together into this intelligent, funny, indescribably powerful performance piece that's now been captured on video. Inspiring and heartbreaking, solemn and hilarious, sexy and sweet, The Vagina Monologues has an earthy directness about sex and women's bodies that's both entertaining and insightful. If you never got a chance to see this show live, this video is the next best thing. And for those of us with short attention spans, the monologue is intercut with backstage footage and additional vagina interviews.
cover The Lover
This is a physically beautiful film, set in an exotic locale (Vietnam) and inhabited by very attractive actors who know their trade. It starts as a lustful adventure for the wastrel son of a Chinese merchant and a bored teenage girl who finds her all-girls academy to be quite stifling. It ends as a true and tragic love story as the protagonists find that their sexual affair leads to real caring.
Story of O Story of O
A milestone of cinematic eroticism, The Story of O was an art house sensation in 1975, and it's still worthy of intelligent discussion. As with the controversial French novella by Pauline Réage, reactions to Just Jaeckin's sumptuous adaptation range from moral outrage to masturbatory indulgence, yet this remains one of the few sex films that stand the test of time (and a lot of academic study). Championed by practitioners of bondage and discipline and vilified by feminists, this metaphorical "love dream" (as Jaeckin has called it) follows the beautiful fashion photographer "O" (Corrine Clery) as she, like many gorgeously naked women before her, is "trained" for a seemingly satisfying life of love and discipline, her freedom sacrificed to the man (Anthony Steel) whom she willingly obeys. The debate whether Jaeckin's feminine-empowerment ending, which differs from that of the novella, justifies a story of humiliating submission is just one more reason why The Story of O endures.