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Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? There are simple feng shui "cures" you can apply to the relationships corner of your home -- walk in the front door to the rear of your home, then take a right, that's your relationships corner -- and to your bedroom -- a relationships area, no matter where it falls in your home -- to help you attract love energy. Put these quick tips into action and see the energy of love start to flow to you.

Things to Remove:

Stuff From Old Relationships: You've got to cut the ties to the past. Lose the old love letters, furniture, trinkets, gifts and dried flowers from what was once a happy relationship.

Single stuff: If you are single and looking, you can get fast results by just removing the art in the home that depicts a single woman within the frame. If you have an expensive portrait of yourself, give it to a friend or relative to hold for you for a while. Single ladies hanging around the house attract single attitudes and energies.

Single setup: Having just one nightstand next your bed with every other space in your room filled to the brim with your stuff gives the impression that you are comfortable with your single lifestyle.

Too much feminine ch'i: If your home or room is so covered in lace and perfume bottles that a guy can't even come in and sit down without shivering, then lighten up on the girly stuff and get a little macho vibe going instead.

Juvenile ch'i: Stuffed animals, games and dolls don't attract mature relationships -- if that is what you are looking for.

Distractions: Remove items that make you stray from your intent for a relationship, such as exercise equipment, work-related items, laundry and television. You can still keep these items, of course, just keep them out of the love area.

Pointy and pokey things: Sharp angles and corners poking into this area of the home only keeps the people you attract at bay. Lose the cactus.

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Things to Add:

Space: Make room for the energy of love by literally creating space. Clean out half the medicine cabinet, half a drawer, some of the closet. Allow the nightstand on the other side of the bed to remain empty, or you could add a little something there that you think your lover would be attracted to.

Matching pairs: Replace the single stuff with matching pairs of things: a set of love birds, a couple of candles sticks, two hearts made of rose quartz ...

Sensual items: If the possibility presents itself, are you prepared? Chocolate, candles, massage oils, champagne, nice sheets, a clean bathtub or a nice robe can help you feel assured that you can handle the energy when it arrives. Think of the five senses here, and make sure you have catered to each.

Pink stuff: In feng shui, pink is the color of love. Pink stuff can actually help hold love energy for you. I'm talking about even placing a piece of pink-colored construction paper here -- almost anything pink can help.

Round or rounded items: Curvy stuff mimics body form -- nice to have around in the relationship area.

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